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Re: Sponsor for clanbomber (just once)

* Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de> [2003-09-25 22:42]:
> Fredrik Hallenberg offered clanbomber [1] and I was happy to take it
> [2]. He did not file official RFA's, we made that up by private mail.
> I fixed some bugs and brought the package in shape (it was FTBFS, did
> not comply to policy and had no manpage). The problem is that my usual
> sponsor is on vacation right now.

 Why not ask Fredrik Hallenberg as former maintainer of the package,
then?  He would be perfect because he knows the package already.

> Would anyone like to help me with that? When my sponsor is back then
> I'm sure that he makes subsequent uploads, so it's just this one time.

 Uhm, debian-mentors would be much more appropriate, btw.

 So long,
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