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Re: AM report for Jochen Friedrich

	just add another 2DKK :-)

On Thu, 11 Sep 2003, Craig Small wrote:

> Maintains sponsored packages darkice, sup.  He is also about to adopt
> libsnmp-session-perl.

Already adopted a few days ago. More than the 3/4 pkgs in main he
maintains in the IPv6 archive (source pkgs):

ntp-unstable (of which he also a co-maintainer for the pkgs in main)

+ many other that have been removed from the archive, since Ipv6 patches
have been accepted upstream, like drac, cyrus21-imapd, and others.. sorry
that i can't remember all of them.

> Active also in the Debian IPv6 subproject.

More than active he is the one doing most of the job right now. Other than
packaging, he is helping me a lot in keeping the archive backend updated
and he is doing an incredible work behind the scenes that it will be
announced as soon as it will be completed.


Our mission: make IPv6 the default IP protocol
"We are on a mission from God" - Elwood Blues


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