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AM MIA - Matt Kraai


I would like to ask about my AM, Matt Kraai. I have no information from him
for one month.

Contacts history:
 - Jul 17th - first contact from Matt, asking for some personal info about me
 - Jul 21st - I sent reply
 - Jul 30th - I pinged him for confirmation of receiving my previous
              email and asked for sponsoring a package
 - today - this email.

Does anyone know what's happened?

Matt, if you are reading this email please just confirm, that you received
my previous emails.

<Beowulf> here http://www.messagelabs.com/home/default.asp they say that
          spam is more than 50% of email...
<Beowulf> let's start some flames in -devel!
* Beowulf writes something about Sarge not being released
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