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Re: Excessive wait for DAM - something needs to be done

Hi, David B Harris wrote:

> That assumes that everybody who's been on the queue so long hasn't been
> examined. How do you know that they *weren't* examined and found
> wanting?

That's the only part of your long message I actually disagree with.

The NM process should be transparent. If there's a problem with my
application, I very much would like to know about it so that I get a
chance to correct it / learn more / do mroe for Debian / whatever-it-is-

That's the Debian way. We do that with packages too -- if upstream has a
problem, we don't just silently patch the thing, but we _tell_ the
author, so that they can improve their code.

As it is, instead we have a bunch of people who don't know their status
and thus ask increasingly-pointed questions on various mailing lists which
require increasingly-more time to process and answer.

That time, IMHO, is better spent fixing bugs, but -- since we're human
beings -- that requires the original problem to be fixed first.

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