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Application status....

How does an applicant find out more information regarding the status of
their application?  I know about the information listed at:


And of course the applicant specific page (in my case):

However, none of these pages (or those linked from them) indicate what
is (or is not) happening with an application.  As of today I've been
awaiting DAM approval for 142 days.  Based on the information at:

I may only be aproximately a 1/3 of they way through my possible wait
time of (470 days).  That is just ludicrous.

Who do I have to contact, or where can I find more information about
this delay?  I know it's been discussed on this list before.  IIRC,
nothing really came from those discussions.

Jamin W. Collins

Remember, root always has a loaded gun.  Don't run around with it unless
you absolutely need it. -- Vineet Kumar

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