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AM report for Sebastian Schmidt <yath@yath.eu.org>

Summary for Sebastian Schmidt <yath@yath.eu.org>

pub  1024D/5A13B048 2001-08-28 Sebastian Schmidt <yath@yath.eu.org>
sig!3       5A13B048 2002-07-23   Sebastian Schmidt <yath@yath.eu.org>
sig!2       A3E45D66 2003-01-21   Alexander Neumann <alexander@debian.org>
uid                            Sebastian Schmidt (yath) <yathen@web.de>
sig!3       5A13B048 2001-08-28   Sebastian Schmidt <yath@yath.eu.org>
sig!2       A3E45D66 2003-01-21   Alexander Neumann <alexander@debian.org>
sub  1024g/286E19A1 2001-08-28
sig!        5A13B048 2001-08-28   Sebastian Schmidt <yath@yath.eu.org>

He started using GNU/Linux about 6 years ago, with a SuSE Linux. He found
it very interesting - not only the software itself but the philosphy
behind it: Everything (or nearly everything) is made by people who
allow him to do everything with the software, he want to.

After SuSE he tried out some other distributions and stopped at
Slackware. The user (him) wasn't bound to specific configuration tools
and could use everything of the software.

But there was still a problem: his Computer was slow, and he was annoyed
of compiling new Bugfixes, Security Patches or simply software with
new features by hisself. Many people told him to try out Debian, and he
did so.  He was really impressed: Simply run "apt-get install foobar"
to install/upgrade the newest available version. Later, he found out
the many other advantages of Debian, for example stability and, of
course, security.

What he want to do for Debian is, to make it more convenient for the
so-called "end users" - the people who simply want to switch on their
computer and read mails.

How do he want to do this? For example, in Germany, he see many users
despairing of the english messages and manuals. So what he intend to
do is to translate some web pages, manuals, software, etc. he already
maintain the german translation of penggy (see below), but hopefully
he'll find the time to translate more.

There are two reasons, why he intend to do this:
- he want to give the community something back. he wouldn't be able to use
  this software he currently use if there weren't any volunteers who
  wrote them.
- he want the users getting impressed by free software. They should see,
  how easy free software is to use. OTOH they can use all the features
  by reading the documentation in their native language.

Philosophy & Procedures
He understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it.

Tasks & Skills
Sebastian answered correctly to all the question, he surely knows what
he is talking about. He maintains penggy package, it is pretty clean.

I feel comfortable to recommend that Sebastian be accepted as a Debian

Debian login: yath
Forwarding email: yath@yath.eu.org

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