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AM report for Kalle Kivimaa <kalle.kivimaa@iki.fi>

1. Identification & Background

KeyID is 0x:EDD88CEA, and it is signed by an existing developer, 
Lars Wirzenius <lars@debian.org>:
pub  1024D/EDD88CEA 2000-07-24 Kalle Kivimaa <kalle.kivimaa@iki.fi>
     Key fingerprint = BBA5 52BA 160D 5688 61D5  0AD4 7579 1CA6 EDD8 8CEA
sig!        E0442D74 2002-05-19   Lars Wirzenius <liw@iki.fi>

Kalle has been involved in the community for a while, I will quote his
history in full:

> I decided to apply for a DD when I last ran into serious problems
> trying to install something on my laptop running Sid (aptitude was
> depending on something that was not in Sid but was in Woody). I hang
> around in an IRC-channel with Lars Wirzenius and when I once again
> complained about quality control he basically said "either put up or
> shut up" so I decided to put up. I also would like to get JSPWiki
> (http://www.jspwiki.org) into Debian as I find it a very good
> Java-based WikiWiki-engine (and I'm involved in its development).
> I've been using Debian exclusively since 2001 (before that I used
> Debian in 1998 and 1999 but decided to change to SuSE because I wasn't
> satisfied with the quality of stable/testing/unstable for personal
> desktop usage) and I find it a very good choice for server usage. I
> would like to help making it even better as a server platform and a
> good contender for various more desktop-oriented distributions.
> Couldn't I do all that without being a DD? More or less yes. I could
> file bug reports (with patches) and try to find sponsors (Lars seems
> to agree to sponsor C software) for various orphaned packages. On the
> other hand, as a DD I could start to figure out with Lars how to make
> testing distribution a viable choice as a desktop platform (security
> issue being the biggest problem in my opinion).
> I have been more or less exclusively Linux user since 1994 (used
> Windows mainly for games and some work-related issues) but I haven't
> been too active in the actual free software community. Me and a couple
> of others started Patchbot project last spring but it sort of fizzled
> out. Currently I'm involved in developing JSPWiki and trying to create
> a sort of SourceForge type of environment for creating and running
> various (live-action) roleplaying games (Ropemylly, using JSPWiki as
> the engine).

2. Philosophy and Procedures

Kalle displayed a very good grasp of Debian's philosophy and
procedures.  He answered pretty much all of my questions perfectly on
the first try.

3. Task and Skills

Kalle has maintained several packages in Debian for a while now,
including libgnu-regexp-java, and he was working on packages for jspwiki
which looked good.   His answers to my Task and Skills questions were

4. Recommendation
I recommend Kalle become a Debian developer.
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