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AM Summary for Andrés Roldán <aroldan@fluidsignal.com>

Identification & Background

Andrés' key is signed by Luis Bustamante:

uid                            Andres Roldan <aroldan@fluidsignal.com>
sig!3       EC7056CC 2002-12-18   Luis Bustamante <luferbu@fluidsignal.com>

(Luis is luferbu@debian.org).

Here is Andrés' background and reason for wanting to be a developer:

> The reason for I want to become a Debian maintainer is simple. Debian
> is the main distribution that contributes and applies the free
> software 
> and opensource thoughts showing how powerful could be a good
> maintained 
> GNU/Linux distribution. Moreover, Debian had help me becoming a
> GNU/Linux
> lover and a fellow of the phrase: "the knowledge must belong to the
> world".
> I want to contribute to this great project, and currently, I love to.

Philosophy & Procedures

Andrés answered almost all of the P&P questions completely correctly the
first time.  I followed up on a few details, and he was able to answer
them.  A fine job.

Tasks & Skills

Among other packages, Andrés is currently maintaining lilo and
valgrind.  So far his re-introduction of Debconf into lilo seems to have
gone fairly well, which bodes well.

Andrés was also able to confidently answer pretty much all of my T&S
questions.  I have no doubts about his abilities.


I recommend that Andrés be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian Login: aroldan
Forwarding email: aroldan@fluidsignal.com

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