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AM Report for Nicolas Bertolissio

Report for new developer applicant Nicolas Bertolissio

Summary: Accept

1. Identification & Background

Check with Keyid 0x7DD9018D:

ID Check passed, Key signed by existing DD barbier@debian.org.

$ gpg --check-sigs 0x7DD9018D   
pub  1024D/7DD9018D 2002-04-01 Nicolas Bertolissio <nico.bertol@free.fr>
sig!3       1E161AFB 2002-07-17   Denis Barbier <barbier@debian.org>
sig!3       7DD9018D 2002-04-01   Nicolas Bertolissio <nico.bertol@free.fr>
sub  1024g/B2671DEC 2002-04-01
sig!        7DD9018D 2002-04-01   Nicolas Bertolissio <nico.bertol@free.fr>

Applicant writes:
I'm an air traffic controler (one of the guys at the top of the tower at
the airport). Computer has been at home for a long time (1983/84). I
started with a TI/99, this switched to an Atari ST. With this one I
learned 68k assembler and a bit of C (but a give up this C). About 5
years ago, my father bought a mac, 68k, so I went on 68k assembler. Then
he changed for a g4 and MacOSX so I totally give up with this as I had
not enought time.

I bought my own PC 3 years ago, a 2 x Celeron, when Linux started to
emerge in France, with the aim of installing Linux on it as I have
never worked on window$ computers and collegues had lots of trouble with
it. I failed with a Slink, so I put a Mandrake. Then I switched to
Potato as I had dependency troubles with the rpm system. Now I'm on
Sarge (with chooted sid and woody to compile/test my package). I Totally
stop coding until I discovered Perl (see below) which is now the only
language I am able to do something from.

As you can see, my first aim at installing Linux had nothing to do with
open source and free software, it was just a way to look at what
dual-processing could be.

So I read the docs, and discovered what free software was and I agreed
with this philosophy. When I installed my Potato, I had no time to do
something in return of what I had received as I had my final exams at
school. Then I discovered the l10n-french list and thought I may have
time to translate for Debian. I started with reviewing already
translated documents and never start translating as I was already
spending a lot of time with reviewing.

At that time Michael Bramer (Grisu) started to flood the list with
packages description to review. And they _really_ need reviewing. The
mail format was not really convenient so I made a first Perl script to
automate sending review to translators. But this was not enought for me
and was only available for French translation. So I've contacted Michael
to ask him whether I could develop a review process for the DDTS. He
agreed, so I made it, and the DDTS has now a review process available
for all languages. This was for me a way to give something to Debian for
all the good thinks I reveived from it. I also developped an
administration part for the DDTS as the growth of translators and
reviewers made necessary to be able to easily modify single things as
email addresses, to orphan translations, and so on.

Once the review part of the server was fine, I started rewritting my
script for reviewers, I improved it and make it deal with translation
and bug tracking messages so it became a console-base client for the
French ddts team. I advertised a bit for it on the DDTS coordinators
list and received bug reports/questions from people who were not
translating into French, so I thought it could be a could idea to have
it available as on official Debian package. But for the really first
versions, it has always been available as a (unofficial) Debian package,
so people had just to install it in the usual way and use it, preventing
installation error from a .tar.gz, and introduction of unstability with
a non-i.deb thing in the system of possible newbies.

Making it available as an official Debian package should encourage
people to help l10n project, starting with short descriptions may be
easier than translating the Developers' Reference from scratch.

2. Philosophy and Procedures
Nicolas has an adequate understanding of Debian's philosophy and
procedures.  He provided acceptable answers to all my questions about
the Social Contract, DFSG, BTS, etc.

3. Tasks and Skills
Nicolas is the maintainer of ddtc (sponsored by grisu).  He also
answered my other questions regarding T&S without problems.

4. Recommendation
I recommend Nicolas as a Debian developer.
Account: nico.bertol
Forward-Email: nico.bertol@free.fr

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