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Report for Thorsten Sauter <tsauter@gmx.net>

Report for NM applicant Thorsten Sauter <tsauter@gmx.net>

0. Recommendation

Thorsten makes an outstandingly good candidate and I am convinced he
will make an even better Debian Developer.

Account: tsauter
Redirect email: tsauter@gmx.net

1. Identification & Background

Check with key-id 07447252

ID check passed; key signed by 1 current developer, Daniel Kobras

$ gpg --check-sigs 07447252
pub  1024D/07447252 2001-10-21 Thorsten Sauter <tsauter@gmx.net>
sig!3       07447252 2001-10-21   Thorsten Sauter <tsauter@gmx.net>
sig!3       89BF7E2B 2002-11-17   Daniel Kobras
sub  1024g/6BD5DCE1 2001-10-21
sig!        07447252 2001-10-21   Thorsten Sauter <tsauter@gmx.net>

1 signature not checked due to a missing key

Thorsten's reasons for applying:
Well, I'm working now since eight years with linux (starting with kernel
1.3.25), and doing more and more work with it. I'm working currently as
sysadmin and advise many unix-based systems. I have used many different
linux distributions starting with suse, then redhat and finally I have
stopped on debian. Debian is a very good distribution, ready for
bussines and ready for desktop. I'm using debian now on over 25
machines, at home and at work, and I have become more and more familiar
with the concepts and ideas behind debian. Now it's time to give
something back to the community. Not only with blank sayings, but with
real work. Thats my intend to do for debian.

I have also started my own development project (called grdesktop), which
is of course published under the GPL, and is a little piece, which I can
do for all the people around the world which spend their time for free
software. Btw grdesktop will currently checked from the gnu-team to
become offical GNU software.

Now, back to debian. As you can see I spend many time to package useful
(hope so) package for the debian distribution, and I write bugreports however
I found a bug. Often, if is possible for me, with patches attached. I'm
also help the debian-boot team to create the new debian-installer, maybe
not enough, but I'm working on it. I'm testing parts of the installer,
and write some new code, in the hope it will be integrated into d-i.

Why getting an offical DD state. Now, it help me to package my software
easier, because I can now test it on all the different machines, and I
can upload the software faster, if a bugreport was posted.

His advocate, Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org>:
I sponsor him with 3 packages. Its normal to find things in packages
from new maintainers, but he was really fast at fixing them.  Now I
have a hard job to find anything in new packages that he can fix,
ie. his packages are in a good state normally. So I think he has the
needed skills to start with the NM process.

2. Philosophy and Procedures

Policy: Thorsten explained the DFSG and the Social Contract well, and
agrees with them. He also agreed to abide by the DMUP.

Procedures: The applicant passed the procedures questions (27 in all,
derived from Joerg's templates) in remarkably short time.

3. Tasks and Skills

Thorsten is the maintainer of 7 packages in Debian: three to do with
systrace, plus libpgp-adodb, xmms-kjfol, grkesktop (he's also upstream) and

He has experience with plain packages, both with and without the use
of debhelper, and with a dpatch-based package (idesk).

However, more importantly he's a co-maintainer for cdrom-checker,
debian-installer-utils and lvmcfg, each of which is a component in the
Debian Installer (d-i) project. Thorsten wrote cdrom-checker and
lvmcfg himself.

A couple of the d-i team said this about Thorsten:

From: Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@debian.org>

He's done some good cleanup on a lot of the code and is able to work
on his own.  Among the things he's done is work to get LVM working
with d-i and other various partition/mkfs related stuff.  His code
seems to be of good quality.  If his policy and packaging skills are
as good as his d-i hacking skills, I'm sure he'll make a fine

From: Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>

Sure.  He already got write access to the d-i CVS, and made a few d-i
modules himself; lvmcfg and cdrom-checker.  He is also working quite a
lot on debian-installer-utils.  debian-installer-utils contains among
other things one of the partitioning tools we are working on. lvmcfg
is related to this, creating LVM volumes.  cdrom-checker check a CD
for md5 sum inconsistencies.

I haven't checked is code in any detail, but the little I have checked
looked solid to me.  He is one of the few active developers on d-i at
the moment.

Andrew Stribblehill <ads@debian.org>
Systems programmer, IT Service, University of Durham, England

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