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Re: Rejection of Issac Clerencia

Kevin Rosenberg <kevin@rosenberg.net> writes:

> Issac is quite busy and does not have time to finish his Debian
> testing. He has been encourage to reapply when he has time to devote
> to the projet.

Hehe, today is Reject-Day.
4 from you (until now, but you are still in the race :) ) and 3 from me.

bye Joerg
(13:24) <Aquariophile> ist iptables eigentlich nur ein tool zum
        verhindern von aussenkonnecti,erungen auf gewissen ports oder ist
        iptables eine firewall?
(13:27) <maxx> ist ein packet filter
(13:27) <Aquariophile> maxx: also der verhindert pings?

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