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AM Report for Sebastian Henschel


AM report for applicant Sebastian Henschel follows:

2. Identification & Background

Sebastian's key is signed by one DD:

rene@stan:~$ LANG="C" gpg --check-sigs 7A62F9B4
pub  1024D/7A62F9B4 2002-10-19 Sebastian Henschel <shensche@kodeaffe.de>
sig!3       7A62F9B4 2002-11-19   Sebastian Henschel <shensche@kodeaffe.de>
sig!3       13282FF2 2002-11-19   Werner Heuser (none) <wehe@debian.org>
uid                            Sebastian Henschel <shensche@linuxmail.org>
sig!3       13282FF2 2002-10-21   Werner Heuser (none) <wehe@debian.org>
sig!3       7A62F9B4 2002-10-19   Sebastian Henschel <shensche@kodeaffe.de>
uid                            Sebastian Henschel <shensche@xtops.de>
sig!3       7A62F9B4 2002-11-19   Sebastian Henschel <shensche@kodeaffe.de>
sig!3       13282FF2 2002-11-19   Werner Heuser (none) <wehe@debian.org>
sub  2048g/024FAF6C 2002-10-19 [expires: 2007-10-18]
sig!        7A62F9B4 2002-10-19   Sebastian Henschel <shensche@kodeaffe.de>

3 signatures not checked due to missing keys
(The one keyid this sigs came from apparently doesn't exist on the
keyservers and isn't in the Debian keyring also)

-> ID check passed.

He writes:
i am a 27 year old male, currently unemployed and living in berlin
(germany). i have the german abitur and can call myself
"mathematisch-technischer informatiker", a degree i got after a
traineeship at the computing centre of the humbolt-university in
my first gnu/linux install was some kind of slackware in 1995, but i
dropped it, because space on my harddisk was precious and my dos/os/2
combination did well. in 96 i installed my first suse and finally
converted to debian in 99. i never got involved into any
community-thing, because there was always so much other stuff to do.
i made some visits to the ccc and the c-base, if you know them, but
never got really attached to them.
at least, i am known as a free software advocate within my friends.
nevertheless, i had the urge to "do something" for the community and
the whole world and looked out for packages, which were up for
adoption and i used by myself for a couple of months.
finally, i found one (xpenguins-applet) and applied for maintainership.
so, first of all, i want to be a package maintainer. i already have
another package in mind, which i want to take: gtk-engines-cleanice2
and the upcoming xpenguins-applet for gnome2. i really like gnome2. :)
because i had worked as a programmer and system administrator before,
i could also think of helping the ftp/www-masters as well.
i want to volunteer, because now i really have the time to give
something back to the community (in surplus to the occasional purchase
of cds).
i like debian because of its package management, because of its
somewhat democratic structure, its grassroots-feel, because everyone is
i like the way bugs are handled via the bts, i like to take part in
making the "community"-distribution be the best one in the place.

His advocate (Werner Heuser) wrote:
Sebastian has taken maintainership for xpenguins-applet, which
is sponsored by me. He has done his job very carefully (wrote
the formerly missing man page, updated the rules file to
current standards, did spell checking of the docs, tried to
solve issues with non i386 archs). He has a good knowledge of
Linux and Debian/GNU Linux and knows the maintainer docs. He
has an attitude of responsibility and delivering quality, when
doing his work. I would like to see him as a Debian

3. Philosophy & Procedures

Sebastian has a good understanding of the philosophy behind Debian. He
agrees to Social Contract, DFSG and answered my question to them and
e.g. BTS, to my full satisfaction.

-> P&P passed.

4. Task & Skills

Sebastian maintains xpenguins-applet, gtk2-engines-{magichicken,cleanice}.

His packages are in a good state; after I pointed him to some (minor) policy 
issues he resolved them.

He furthermore answers the questions regarding T&S to my satisfaction.

-> T&S passed.

5. Evaluation & Check-In

I recommend that Sebastian be accepted as Debian Developer.

Preferred Login: shensche
@debian.org E-Mail forwarded to: shensche@kodeaffe.de


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