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Re: Warning about Debian New Maintainer Application

Hi mentors,

Am currently mainatains two packages ( libnet-easytcp-perl & libmng ) both
sponsored by Tony Mancil and am interested in adopting more orphaned
packages. But Tony no longer responds to my email for unknown reason. Its now
more than two weeks now that I have heard anything from him. I were really
hopefull that he would be happy to be my advocate since am pretty good in

I request any of you mentors to give me hand by being my advocate. I would be
happy to present my skills by working on new/adopted package in less than 3
weeks before my application will be rejected.

Tony, at least give me a reason for your long silence. In the past, though
you were busy, you were kind enough to reply me within a week. 


+++ Debian New Maintainer [01/02/03 20:12 +0100]:
* Dear Shiju,
* On 2003-01-05 you applied to become a Debian maintainer on the Debian
* New Maintainer website at http://nm.debian.org/ After 3 weeks of applying,
* all applicants who have not yet been advocated receive this warning email.

If you forsake a certainty and depend on an uncertainty, you will lose both
the certainty and the uncertainty. -- Sanskrit Proverb
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