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AM Summary for Sean Finney

Summary for new developer applicant Sean Finney <seanius@seanius.net>:

Summary: I recommend without reservation Sean Finney as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Background
   Check with Keyid 0x6E76D81D
   ID Check passed, Key signed from 1 existing DD, 
       Martin F. Krafft <madduck@debian.org>

   Output from gpg --check-sigs 0x6F222F1F
pub  1024D/6E76D81D 2002-07-07 Sean Finney <seanius@seanius.net>
sig!3       330C4A75 2002-11-08   Martin F. Krafft (Debian) <madduck@debian.org>
sig!        11E030F1 2002-08-17   Nori Heikkinen <nori@sccs.swarthmore.edu>
sig!        8C921C25 2002-09-10   Frederick Heckel <fwph@sccs.swarthmore.edu>
sig!3       6E76D81D 2002-07-07   Sean Finney <seanius@seanius.net>
sub  2048g/F6EFE755 2002-07-07
sig!        6E76D81D 2002-07-07   Sean Finney <seanius@seanius.net>

   Applicant writes:
spefically, i've been a gnu/linux and user more or less since i
decided that i was going to be computer science major, which was about
two weeks into my freshman year in college (and now about 4 years
ago).  debian was actually the first distribution that i tried, though
i went off to try many other distributions such as mandrake, suse,
redhat, and even netbsd/openbsd (the former i still use), before
finally deciding to come back to debian as my distro of choice.

currently i'm in my senior year at swarthmore college, and when i'm
not worrying about my post-graduation life, i'm messing around with my
linux boxen (or helping others mess around with theirs), helping
administer the cs department computers (for which i'm a student
sysadmin), playing frisbee when it isn't freezing outside, playing
guitar/drums, playing in a balinese gamelan (indonesian
music/percussion/dance), playing whatever video games i can get my
hands on, and drinking large quantities of whatever
malted/distilled/fermented beverages i can get my hands on.

why debian (in a nutshell):

my love for debian is based on two main points: debian's philosophy
and debian's technical superiority.  first off, my own beliefs are
very much in line with those of debian and many of its users.  i'm a
firm believer in the concept of completely Free Software, and the good
that it can do for society.  i agree that the users of an os distro
should come first, not some profit-based bottom line.  i also believe
that "come first" necessitates that these users should be able to
openly interact with the developers, and be able to submit
ideas/requests/patches, et c.  to make their distro better.  the
amazing sense of community that springs f= orth from this mindset is
marvelous.  the sort of interaction i see and tak= e part in on
debian-user (and more recently -devel) makes me happy to consider
myself as a debian user.

if that weren't enough in and of itself, i believe that debian is
arguably the most technically superior os distribution in the world.
i think this is quite possibly a result of the open environment in
which is maintained, such that thousands of minds are thinking how to
make something better in parallel.  it's a breeze to
configure/maintain/update, dpkg/apt rocks,=
there's soo much software available, and it's hugely portable.  hell,
it's not even tied to a single os kernel.  and depdendency handling!
dependency handling!!!

what i'd like to do for debian:

basically, i'd like to apply my skills to where they're the most
needed.  i'm good at writing documentation (both full docs and
manpages), i'm pretty handy with vi and a c compiler, i wouldn't mind
taking up a couple packages, i'm pretty good at sqashing bugs (already
reported/patched a couple via reportbug), i speak english, french, and
am learning japanese, and like to think of myself as rather helpful
with troubleshooting other people's problems.  and of course, i'm
always excited to learn knew things and work with new people.  so the
most all-encompassing answer i can give is "help", in whatever sense
it might be required of me. 
2. Philosophy and Procedures
  Sean has a good understanding of Debians Philosophy and
  Procedures. He answered all my Questions about Social Contract,
  DFSG, BTS etc. without problems.

3. Tasks and Skills
  Sean is the upstream author for wuzzah which is currently being maintained
  by Martin Krafft. Sean did a fine job creating a Debian package for wuzzah
  which did not use debhelper. He also answered my other
  Questions regarding T&S quite well.

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