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AM report for Dennis Stampfer <kontakt@dstampfer.de>

Summary: Accept

Name: Dennis Stampfer
E-Mail: kontakt@dstampfer.de

Debian Account: seppy
Forward Mail To: kontakt@dstampfer.de


Key signed by existing developer: Michael Fedrowitz <michaelf@debian.org>

pub  1024D/EFAA3331 2002-07-25 Dennis Stampfer (seppy) <seppy@enemy.org>
     Key fingerprint = BEC9 A372 3351 A895 1C97  42A4 CBFB FB57 EFAA 3331
sig!3       04604EB8 2002-09-05   Michael Fedrowitz <michaelf@debian.org>
sig!3       EFAA3331 2002-07-25   Dennis Stampfer (seppy) <seppy@enemy.org>
uid                            Dennis Stampfer (seppy) <kontakt@dstampfer.de>
sig!3       04604EB8 2002-09-05   Michael Fedrowitz <michaelf@debian.org>
sig!3       EFAA3331 2002-07-25   Dennis Stampfer (seppy) <seppy@enemy.org>
sub  1024g/124CCD4B 2002-07-25
sig!        EFAA3331 2002-07-25   Dennis Stampfer (seppy) <seppy@enemy.org>



Dennis wrote the following about himself:

> Personally: I live with my parents and my brother in southern
> Germany, Heidenheim (close to Ulm which is close to Stuttgart).
> I am an 18-year-old pupil going to a Technical Gymnasium which has
> its emphasis on information technology.
> My first contact with Linux was about 2.5 years ago with Caldera
> Open Linux. I had not much experience in programming and using
> non-Graphic/mouse systems/programs. Later, I dropped Linux (Caldera)
> because it was useless and uninteresting: I could not get Internet
> to work, no printer, ...
> Some time later, a friend of mine bought a Debian CD bundle with
> a book, and during the next holidays I tried it out and found it
> very attractive. Cheap, good, fast, excellent update-mechanism and
> it did what I wanted (I am not a Gamer).
> Why I want to become a DD? I think Open Source is Great! Programming
> and Software is fun! I started small projects, but nobody was
> interested in them (neither using nor helping to develop). So I
> looked around for Projects I could work on. I found nothing. I think
> I can do projects for myself and never use them or I can work on an
> excellent OS to become better (and if somebody uses it, my work is
> not useless). In Debian I see a well structured organisation and
> infrastructure where help is needed.

Philosophy and Procedures

Was able to adequately summarise the intent of the Social Contract and
DFSG in his own words.

Answered a series of questions on Policy, Procedure and the BTS
in a satisfactory way.

He agreed to abide by the DMUP.

He agreed to abide the Social Contract.

He agreed to uphold the DFSG.


Tasks and Skills

He has taken over two packages, robodoc and timeoutd.  Both have been
sponsored and uploaded into unstable.

Both packages required updating to the latest standards version, I asked
him what the changes were and he was successfully able to identify them
and fixed the packages accordingly.

He also closed a couple of missing-man-page bugs, corrected an
init.d script to match policy and cleaned up the rules files

Both packages are lintian-clean.

He's made a number of bug reports for other packages, many of which had
patches that fixed the problem included.

Some good examples are: 159080, 157787, 122755 and 152492.

He's also been helping with translating manpages into German for the
manpages-de Project.


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