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Jan-Hendrik Palic rejected

Hmm. This one is tricky to explain. Jan's application has been running
for over a year now. Initially it started off ok, but once we reached
the T&S stage it rapidly became clear that he wasn't really
experienced enough or taking enough care with his packages (in
hindsight, I probably should have bounced his application early on and
told him to come back in 6 months). This improved somewhat with time,
but I believe he then had scheduling 'issues' relating to other
projects which have led to his packages being somewhat neglected for
some time now.

Over the past year I've reviewed his application three times, and each
time I have been unable to honestly recommend him as a developer based
on his activity. Ultimately this is just a drain on my time; since no
progress has been made in the last six months, I'm rejecting his
application. The decision about how/when/if he may reapply isn't
really mine in this case; I suggest to the front desk that a suitably
cautious AM be assigned after some delay to give him time to sort out
his packages and demonstrate that he's able to maintain them well.

I recommend to his next AM that they look at his bug/upload history
before and after this date; hopefully it will show a marked

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