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Re: how becoming maintainer

* samuel desseaux <sdesseaux@free.fr> [2002-10-30 10:43]:
>  I'd like to work (and so learn it)on the maintaining of packages.So, i think
>  it's a good way to go into the project and learn.
>  Tell me if it is possible and what i have to  do!!

 Take a look at <http://www.debian.org/devel/join/>, it is almost all
described in there.  Subscribe the debian-mentors mailinglist, you can
receive good help there (even by just lurking around).  Taking a look at
other packages might be useful, too -- but beware, not all packages are
maintained like they should so take what you see there with a grain of

 Have fun,
"Viele Neueinsteiger kriegen den im Usenet üblichen Tonfall in den
falschen Hals, obwohl er nicht unfreundlich gemeint ist. Wenn sie dann
eine zeitlang selbst aktiv dabei sind, haben sie sich den gleichen
Schreibstil angewöhnt." (Christian Treffler in de.soc.netzkultur)

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