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AM report for Jay Bonci

Summary: Accept

Name: Jay Bonci
E-Mail: jay@bonci.com

Debian Account:  jaybonci
Forward Mail To: jay@bonci.com


He started in the industry a few years ago as a QA engineer for Microsoft
at 18.  After getting out of there, and moving on, he started his own
business to do consulting work.  Through a somewhat wierd chain of events,
he fell in with a website Everything2.com, where he's currently the
lead maintainer.

He wants to do packaing, documentation and general QA work.


Key signed by existing developer: Josh Huber <huber@debian.org>

pub  1024D/E0B8B2DE 2002-06-29 Jay Bonci <jay@bonci.com>
     Key fingerprint = 562B 35DC BE8D 7802 DB31  6423 64D8 790F E0B8 B2DE
sig!3       E0B8B2DE 2002-06-29   Jay Bonci <jay@bonci.com>
sig!3       6B21489A 2002-08-08   Josh Huber <huber@paradoxical.net>
sub  1024g/E13C080E 2002-06-29
sig!        E0B8B2DE 2002-06-29   Jay Bonci <jay@bonci.com>


Philosophy and Procedures

Was able to adequately summarise the intent of the Social Contract and
DFSG in his own words.

Answered a series of questions on Policy, Procedure and the BTS in a
good way.

He agreed to abide by the DMUP.

He agreed to abide the Social Contract.

He agreed to uphold the DFSG.


Tasks and Skills

Has a wide variety of different packages at http://jay.bonci.com/debian,
all to a good standard.


I think he'll make a good and valuable contribution to the Project.

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