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please update my email address


My provider has changed his name. My old email address, which I used
for my new maintainer process, is still valid, but I think it is
better if it were updated:

	old:   fweps@pop.agri.ch
	new:   fweps@greenmail.ch

This applies to both my contact address for the new maintainer process,
and the mail forwarding address Thom recorded in his AM report of
Feb. 17, 2002.

I updated my pgp key with the new identity; I believe the key I sent to
tbm on April 25 already contains this, but in any event, it can also be
found on the pgp.net keyservers (and I double checked that the encryption
subkey really is on the keyservers this time).

Thank you for your time and effort spent on changing this


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