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Re: Bug#151949: Use of the BTS for managing sponsorship

Le Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 04:57:38AM +1000, Anthony Towns écrivait:
> need to convince me that it's good. If that turns out to be harder than
> doing it yourself, then do it yourself. Whatever. The only way you're

Why do I always find things to do that I can't do myself ?

Be sure that if I could have done it myself, it would already be done.

In fact, I can overrule your decision.

I can subscribe debian-mentors via the PTS and have the thing going. But
it would be so simpler if you were not so obstinated...

> FWIW, actually making sure you understand the objections raised by
> everyone else, and making sure you have answers for them (even if it's
> only "the current way doesn't handle that, and no one else has got
> anything better") is a good start on that.

I responded to the objections, read the bug log again. And I gave
several reasons why the BTS entry is way better than the current CGI.

If you read both thread, you'll see that objections are not very

> Consensus is a lot more achievable than you think, if you're willing to
> put the effort in, and willing to admit that your initial idea might've
> been stupid.

I'm always open to better idea and I can admit that other people have
better idea than me... but nobody came up with anything better.
The complaints are esthetic (some think it integrates better in the
nm.debian.org page but nobody is willing to code it ...).  I have not
seen any real ojection explaining that what I propose would not work.

> Please don't continue to Cc the bug until there's some useful to add.

Cced you because i'm not sure that you're on -newmaint or in -mentors.

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