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Re: NM waiting... :)


On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 12:29:43PM -0300, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > I am not mad but I am somewhat intrigued.
> Blame it on real life interfering on my Debian work :(

No problem.  Good to hear.  I had a feel about you reading ML.

> > comment on mailing list.  I sent a personal e-mail wondering his
> > health...  No reply.
> Uups... sorry about that :(  They're sitting on the inbox, because I didn't
> want to reply to them with a "sorry, you will need another AM", and that was
> the only answer I could give you, so far.

Oh, you could have said "sorry I am busy, but I want to do this please
wait".   I will be happy editing my package while waiting.

> > I think even if there is some reason to delay, NM must be informed about
> > situation at least once a month from AM.  Is he still alive?  He told me
> > on ML that he will do something after debconf.
> Actually, I contacted the helpdesk in IRC and told them I would probably
> have to drop my NMs because I simply was not finding the time to handle
> them.  This happened two weeks ago, I think.  Helpdesk is short on AMs,
> though, and even more on AMs that would like to somehow make doc NMs happen
> in a more smooth way.  So I was asked to not send you guys a "sorry, can't
> do it right now" letter yet, and try to find a way to free up time to AM you
> :(

Understood.  No reply was bud choice, though.  We all know we have life
outside of Debian and volunteer organization can be stretched thin.

> Since then, I RFA'ed fetchmail to free up some debian time, but it was not
> enough.  I was trying to free up some time next week, but I can't really
> promise that either.
> > I hope he is just busy with life.
> So far, that's the only problem: got promoted at work, and that ate up 80%
> of the work time I could use for Debian (albeit in a restricted way), and
> did some very bad things to my spare time otherwise (so I have not managed
> to redirect some of that time to Debian yet).

Good for you.

> I wonder if I could get you guys going on tasks & skills (which is the
> troublesome part of a doc maintainer test), and some other AM handle the
> other stuff.  That would speed up matters a lot.

I see. 

I can certainly be sure I am not up for any core binary packages.

But I had my name in maintainer field of "printtool" package at one time
in woody testing cycle (mostly TCL and shell).  Yes this was mistake in
official maintainer. So I am open for packaging some utility packages
and would like to be tested for that "tasks & skills".

Anyway, as you said before this doc maintainer test is new and takes
time to get ready.  Just drop us a message once a month telling us you are
working on it :)  I will wait.

> Reply-to set to newmaint list, let's move the thread there.

Subscribed to newmaint list :) Reply to it.
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