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Re: Help needed

<fbrian@nac.net> writes:

> I am packing a new version of paleta

Wrong list. debian-mentors@lists.d.o is for such questions.
I move it there, look at the Mail-Followup-To!

> $uupdate -u paleta_0.1.02082002-1.tar.gz
> in  paleta-0.0.20062002/ the old source directory
> as I was fixing errors etc. ,running debuild, I noticed I was getting
> .tar.gz along with .orig.tar.gz and I no longer get diff.gz files?
> Not sure what is happening or why?

Your original tarball has a wrong name.
It should be package_version.orig.tar.gz.
paleta_0.1.02082002.orig.tar.gz should do it.

> dpkg-source: building paleta in paleta_0.1.02082002-1.tar.gz
> dpkg-source: building paleta in paleta_0.1.02082002-1.dsc

No need for the whole log. :)

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