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AM summary for uwe.steinmann@mmk-hagen.de (Uwe Steinmann)

pub  1024D/0D7CA701 2002-01-30 Uwe Steinmann <uwe@steinmann.cx>
sig!3       0D7CA701 2002-01-30   Uwe Steinmann <uwe@steinmann.cx>
sig!        B3C281F4 2002-03-23   Alain Schroeder <alain@parkautomat.net>
sub  1024g/988495CD 2002-01-30
sig!        0D7CA701 2002-01-30   Uwe Steinmann <uwe@steinmann.cx>

Identity passed.

Uwe writes:

  My first contact with free software was in 1996 when I started to write
  my first extension for php (I'm actually using Linux since 1.1.29 or
  whenever that NCR SCSI Host Controler was supported, but I guess that
  doesn't count.)
  I wrote another 4 extensions and contributed to the german documentation
  of php.
  I also did some gnome applets which you can find at sf (search for
  People = steinm)
  When I still had a rpm based system I made several rpms for LinuxPPC
  which should be somewhere at the ftp server of linuxppc.org if it still
  Currently I'm running debian on intel und ppc (maybe sparc in the near
  future).  I thought, since there aren't likely too many people running
  debian on ppc I could contribute some work.

Philosophy & Procedures

Uwe  correctly answered my questions about philosophy and procedures.

He agreed to uphold the social contract in his Debian work and to
follow the DMUP.
Tasks & Skills

Alain Schroeder, Uwe's advocate writes:

  Well, I don't know Uwe much personally, but he used Debian for quite a
  time now and he builds a lot of packages for himself to keep his system
  cleaner. Since he uses Debian on the PowerPC platform he wants to help
  with the PowerPC Port, which I think is a very good thing - he already 
  has packaged some PowerPC specific programs for himself.

Alain is right; Uwe seems to go out of his way to package the software
he's using and at least in the cases I looked at did a very good job.
Debian can always use people with this dedication to detail and
correct packaging.

There was a bit of a communications problem and the two packages I
looked at ended up being uploaded by someone else for the archive.  I
talked to debian-newmaint and the consensus seemed to be that it was
OK to use the packages to satisfy tasks&skills provided that Uwe was
going to do something for Debian.

I looked at http://www.steinmann.cx/debian/dists/sid, particularly at
the powerprefs and pbbuttons packages; they were well done and the
changelogs suggested that Uwe would make a good maintainer.

Uwe has also found packages to adopt so he will be contributing to


I recommend Uwe Steinmann be accepted as a Debian developer.

login: steinm
email: uwe@steinmann.cx

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