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AM Report for Kevin Rosenberg


Looks like the signature is missing. This time it is there, i hope.

Report for new developer applicant Kevin Rosenberg <kevin@rosenberg.net>:

1. Identification & Background

   Check with Keyid 0xC4A3823E:

   ID Check passed, Key signed from 1 existing DD, Barak Pearlmutter, bap@debian.org

   Output from gpg --check-sigs 0x
pub  1024D/C4A3823E 2002-04-08 Kevin M. Rosenberg <kevin@b9.com>
sig!3       C4A3823E 2002-04-09   Kevin M. Rosenberg <kevin@b9.com>
sig!        FEC23FB2 2002-05-11   Barak Pearlmutter <barak.pearlmutter@alumni.cs.cmu.edu>
uid                            Kevin Rosenberg <kevin@rosenberg.net>
sig!3       C4A3823E 2002-04-09   Kevin M. Rosenberg <kevin@b9.com>
sig!        7A12FBA2 2002-04-08   James Hamilton (Dillivision) <jamesh@swcp.com>
sig!        406AEBEB 2002-04-09   Phyllis Mary Palmer <ppalmer@dysphagia.com>
sig!        FEC23FB2 2002-05-11   Barak Pearlmutter <barak.pearlmutter@alumni.cs.cmu.edu>
uid                            Kevin Marcus Rosenberg, M.D. <kevin@b9.com>
sig!3       C4A3823E 2002-04-09   Kevin M. Rosenberg <kevin@b9.com>
sig!        FEC23FB2 2002-05-11   Barak Pearlmutter <barak.pearlmutter@alumni.cs.cmu.edu>
sub  2048g/460D0A6A 2002-04-08
sig!        C4A3823E 2002-04-08   Kevin M. Rosenberg <kevin@b9.com>

   Kevin is a Physician and has written some Apps for that part, some
   of them used by the debian-med Part of debian (via depends).
   He writes:
    I've been programming since 1976 and posting my source code to BBS's
    back in the late 1970's. After I got my medical degree and residency
    training, I started an Internet Service Provider back in 1994.  There,
    I used Linux (Slackware) and FreeBSD as a basis for my servers as well
    as the workstations that my employees used. I've contributed several
    Linux kernel patches back in 1993 and 1994.

    More recently, I've been writing and publishing more open-source
    software. I very much like Debian's philosophy towards freely
    distributable software as well as their well-organized packaging. I
    find my time is much more productive using Debian systems than any
    other Linux distribution. Thus, I have migrated all my servers and
    clients away from RedHat and to Debian. As an upstream author, I
    especially like how easy it is for other Debian users to download and
    use my software, especially when that software depends on many other
    libraries. By volunteering my time to make Debian better, I'm actually
    saving time compared to using any other Linux distribution.  As a
    full-time physician, it is important to be efficient.

2. Philosophy and Procedures
   Kevin has a good understanding of Debians Philosophy and
   Procedures. He answered all my Questions about Social Contract,
   DFSG, BTS etc. in a good way.

3. Tasks and Skills
   Kevin is Maintainer of 4 Packages, 3 of them are in Debian right now.
   They are ctsim, cl-uffi, ctn.
   He had a little problem in the one i checked, but told me the fix
   right after i asked him about that. Dont know if it is uploaded yet. 
   He also answered my other Questions regarding T&S without problems.

4. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept him as a Debian Maintainer.
   Account:  kmr
   Forward-Email: kevin@rosenberg.net

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg                 Encrypted Mail preferred!
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