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AM summary for Mario Lang


Report for new developer applicant Mario Lang <mlang@delysid.org>:

1. Identification & Background

   Check with Keyid 0x6B113E44:

   ID Check passed, Key signed from 2 existing DD, Gordon Fraser
   and Gerfried Fuchs.

   Output from gpg --check-sigs 6B113E44

   pub  1024D/6B113E44 2002-04-25 Mario Lang <mlang@delysid.org>
   sig!3       6B113E44 2002-04-25   Mario Lang <mlang@delysid.org>
   sig!        16BD77C6 2002-05-08   Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@debian.org>
   sig!        EC152942 2002-05-08   Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@ist.org>
   sig!        E43D19DF 2002-04-27   Thomas Propst <thomas.propst@aon.at>
   sig!        588B7D9C 2002-06-04   Gordon Fraser <gordon@debian.org>
   sub  2048g/31B4E1E8 2002-04-25
   sig!        6B113E44 2002-04-25   Mario Lang <mlang@delysid.org>

   Mario is a blind Debian User. He packaged software to help blind
   users using Debian. He says:
    For me, Linux is a big chance for the blind to get to a low-cost
    high-quality computing environment.  My idea is that blind people
    some day just buy a standard pc like everyone else, install Debian
    there, and instantly have all they need.

    Debian offers the perfect platform for that, as the DFSG ensure
    that my efforts will remain free for all, and no evil company can
    come and take that to sell it to the blind again.

    Another of my long-term goals is to work on debian-installer to
    integrate accessibility related drivers into the install process.

2. Philosophy and Procedures
   Mario has a good understanding of Debians Philosophy and
   Procedures. He answered all my Questions about Social Contract,
   DFSG, BTS etc. in a good way.

3. Tasks and Skills
   Mario is Maintainer of eflite, brltty and flite, all Packages to
   support blind users. I checked eflite and found a small error he
   fixed really fast.
   He also answered my other Questions regarding T&S without problems.

4. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept him as a Debian Maintainer.
   Account:  mlang
   Forward-Email:    mlang@delysid.org

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg                 Encrypted Mail preferred!
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