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AM Report for Oliver Kurth

Applicant Information:

Name:         Oliver Kurth
Email:        oku@masqmail.cx
Account Name: oku

Summary:  I am happy to recommend the acceptance of Oliver Kurth as a 
  Debian Maintainer.


His GPG key was signed by Gerrit Pape.

II.  Philosophy and Procedures:
Oliver is familiar with the Debian history and objectives; he
quickly passed this part of the application.  

III. Skills and Tasks    
Oliver has already developed several packages for Debian, including
several which he has written himself.  As far as I can tell, he is 
speedily updating several of them all the time.  I checked out 'memtester' 
and found it efficient, neat, robust, and bug-free.


Oliver Kurth is already making significant contributions to Debian
and will likely continue that for some time.

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