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AM report for Brian Nelson

I am pleased to report that Brian Nelson has, to the best of my ability
to judge, satisfied the requirements for becoming a Debian maintainer.

Brian has provided a gpg key (attached) signed by Clint Adams
<schizo@debian.org>, checked with keyring.debian.org:
pub  1024D/59DA6AF2 2001-10-10 Brian Nelson <bnelson@bloodclot.net>
sig!       59DA6AF2 2002-02-11  Brian Nelson <bnelson@bloodclot.net>
sig!       AB963370 2002-02-11  Clint Adams (Debian) <schizo@debian.org>

Philosophy & Procedures
Brian agrees with the Social Contract and DMUP and will abide by
them. Further, applicant is able to provide examples and counter-examples
of DFSG-compliant licenses, and understands and can describe why or why
not the given examples comply.

Tasks & Skills
Brian has done work on or maintains (through sponsor) tintin++,
zangband, and iptstate. Two of these are packages he's rescued from
under-maintenance. All three are functional, clean, and work as they

I am pleased to recommend that Brian Nelson be accepted as a Debian

Debian login: bnelson
Forwarding address: bnelson@bloodclot.net
debian-private subscription address: bnelson@bloodclot.net

Mike Markley <mike@markley.org>
GPG: 0x3B047084 7FC7 0DC0 EF31 DF83 7313  FE2B 77A8 F36A 3B04 7084

[Doctors and Bartenders], We both get the same two kinds of customers
-- the living and the dying.
- Dr. Boyce, "The Menagerie" ("The Cage"), stardate unknown

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