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AM Report for Martin Loschwitz

Applicant Information:

Name:         Martin Loschwitz
Email:        madkiss@madkiss.org
Account Name: madkiss

Summary:  I am happy to recommend the acceptance of Martin Loschwitz as a 
  Debian Maintainer.


His GPG key was signed by Michael Meskes.

II.  Philosophy and Procedures:
  Martin previously passed this part of the application in a previous
  application.  Those letters are included in the final report.

III. Skills and Tasks    
  Martin has actually developed several packages for Debian.  In particular,
  I checked out 'xfce' (which is now split into two packages, xfce,
  and xfce-common, and after a few minor bug-fixes, which Martin made
  ***very quickly***, the packages appear to install and work fine.


I believe Martin will make strong contributions to Debian.

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