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AM summary on Simon Law

Summary for Simon Law <sfllaw@engmail.uwaterloo.ca>


Simon's key is signed by Debian developer Warren A. Layton.

pub  1024D/7796A60B 2001-07-03 Simon Law <sfllaw@engmail.uwaterloo.ca>
sig!       7796A60B 2001-07-03  Simon Law <sfllaw@engmail.uwaterloo.ca>
sig!       BFB880A3 2001-09-01  Warren A. Layton (Debian) <zeevon@debian.org>
sub  4096g/46DC61CE 2001-07-03 [expires: 2003-07-03]
sig!       7796A60B 2001-07-03  Simon Law <sfllaw@engmail.uwaterloo.ca>

Philosophy & Procedures
Simon has proved able to explain the Social Contract and DFSG clearly.
He's shown an understanding of the DFSG and knowledge of various aspects
of Debian including dealing with the BTS, NMUs and the role of contrib
and non-free.

Tasks & Skills
Simon has packaged ssldump. It had a few problems at first, but he was
able to fix these quickly and to my satisfaction once they were pointed
out. He's also been involved in reporting and solving various bugs in
existing Debian packages.

I recommend that Simon be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: sfllaw
Forwarding email: sfllaw@engmail.uwaterloo.ca


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