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AM report for Mike Furr

Summary for Mike Furr <mike.furr@umbc.edu>


Mike's key is signed by Debian developer David Coe.

pub  1024D/124B26F3 2001-10-12 Mike Furr <mike.furr@umbc.edu>
sig!       0FCC27C6 2002-04-05  David Coe <davidc@debian.org>
sig!       124B26F3 2002-01-05  Mike Furr <mike.furr@umbc.edu>
sub  1024g/C32B991D 2001-10-12
sig!       124B26F3 2001-10-12  Mike Furr <mike.furr@umbc.edu>

Philosophy & Procedures
Mike believes strongly in the ideals of the GNU project and the Debian
Social Contract. He understands when software can and can't go into
Debian, how to deal with the BTS, how to go about getting help if he
needs it and how to leave Debian if he has to.

Tasks & Skills
Mike has packaged vegastrike, a 3D space simulator. He's also been
considering euler, which has a RFP filed against it at present. His
packaging of vegastrike was lintian clean with no input from me. He's
also interested in helping out with Debian/Sparc.

I recommend that Mike be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: mfurr
Forwarding email: mike.furr@umbc.edu


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