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AM Summary for Marco Presi


Marco's key is signed by Debian Developer Christian Surchi:

pub  1024D/7582C21A 2001-09-15 Marco Presi (Zufus) <presi@inwind.it>
sig!       26257B68 2001-12-09  Christian Surchi <csurchi@debian.org>

Philosophy & Procedures:

Marco is familiar with the our Social Contract, including the DFSG, and
assures me that he will respect these in his work for Debian. According to
his advocate, Davide Puricelli, Marco is active in a local Linux user's
group and works for RH in Italy. Marco states that "...to be in Debian is a
great chance for me to 'do my part' for the Free Software Community."

Tasks & Skills:

Marco has packages linesrv and xlc sponsored by Gaetano Paolone, who has
assured me of their quality. Linesrv is a daemon for managing shared dialup
style internet connections, and xlc is a client program with a gtk UI. In my
personal inspection, I discovered only a few minor issues, and I'm confident
that Marco will produce workable packages for Debian. 


I recommend that Marco be accepted as a Debian maintainer

Debian login: zufus
Forwarding email: mpresi@lugroma.org

Brian Ristuccia

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