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AM report for Joel Baker

Summary for Joel Baker

I received a driving license of the Colorato (USA) state signed with gpg.

pub  1024D/636D59EE 2002-02-03 Joel Baker <joel@lightbearer.com>
sig!       636D59EE 2002-02-03  Joel Baker <joel@lightbearer.com>
sub  1024g/572773E6 2002-02-03
sig!       636D59EE 2002-02-03  Joel Baker <joel@lightbearer.com>

He came to Linux and free software as a user and an admin,
lo these many years ago (circa Linux 1.2.8 and the Slackware
install-of-many-disks). Since then, he's done everything from maintaining
and cleaning up a 40,000 line game server (MUSH) to running a department
of Debian-based workstations, and a lot in between.

As for what he intends to do (and, really, is already doing) for Debian:
he's a significant contributor to the NetBSD porting project (in that
he's ported quite the largest set of ported packages by number, though
not by total complexity, and that he's hosting their APT archive until
they can get enough developers that we can sponsor uploads to ftp-master
in a reasonable fashion); because of this, he also tend to contribute
portability fixes to current packages, and do some level of QA checking
(finding circular dependancies in the base system, et al).

He doesn't actually intend to package anything for Debian, except
possibly some kernel/libc building tools for the NetBSD port, in the
near future.  Only do porting, fixing, and QA. Debian already has 8000
packages, and he think it's more useful to fix the problems in some of
those first.

Philosophy & Procedures
Joel understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it.

Tasks & Skills
I couldn't check any package made by him, but standing at what he said he
should be quite familiar with Debian tasks. He should have the minimum
required skills.

I recommend that Joel be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: fenton
Forwarding email: joel@lightbearer.com


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