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AM Report for Karl Bartel


This is the summary for Karl Bartel <karlb@gmx.net>'s application.
Karl's application was started by Adrian Bunk, and then was reassigned
to me when Adrian retired.

Karl got to know GNU/Linux when he got tired of coding DOS apps and
didn't find a nice build env. to write DirectX apps. He tried SDL and
discovered it was what he was looking after. He has written a few games,
like black-box or bumprace. All of them are packaged in Debian.
He's joining Debian to give back to the FS community all the nice tools
it has provided him.

2. Identification
pub  1024D/9C6D5E59 2001-01-03 Karl Bartel <karlb@gmx.net>
sig!       9C6D5E59 2001-01-03  Karl Bartel <karlb@gmx.net>
sig!       887EB817 2001-04-07  Frank Ronneburg <fr@belug.org>
sig!       EF439690 2001-04-09  Michael Piefel <piefel@debian.org>
sub  1024g/EDA164B0 2001-01-03
sig!       9C6D5E59 2001-01-03  Karl Bartel <karlb@gmx.net>

Karl's key is signed by Michael Piefel. ID step passed.

3. Philosophy and Procedures
Karl answered some questions to my satisfaction. He agrees with the
Social Contract and DMUP.

P&P passed.

4. Tasks and Skills
Karl has two packages in Debian woody/sid: black-box (a game, not the
wm), and penguin-command. Both were well done.
In addition to my checks, Adrian Bunk said the following about this:
> - Tasks and Skills Check: I've sponsored him several months and my
>   impression is that he does now satisfy my (relatively high)
>   expectations regarding the skills of a new maintainer.

I recommend that Karl gets accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Account Information
Account name: karlb@debian.org
Email address: karlb@gmx.net

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