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AM summary for Erik Wenzel

Summary for Erik Wenzel <erik@todo.de>


Quoting Erik himself:

I started using Linux SLS-1.0 (with 0.99.10 kernel) dist. in 1993
because I wanted to learn unix. After that I used RedHat, and did
package development for 2 year's. 3 Year's ago I switched over to
debian due to design advantages and ease of installation and updating
to name a few reasons. I want to give back some of my time to the
community, who helped me the last years. I will focus on package
maintainance of software I use at my job.


Eriks key is signed by W. Borgert <debacle@debian.org> and myself:

pub  1024D/DB898410 2000-07-17 Erik Wenzel <erik@todo.de>
sig!       9B668109 2001-01-29  W. Borgert <debacle@knorke.in-berlin.de>
sig!       DB898410 2000-07-17  Erik Wenzel <erik@todo.de>
sig!       C3B2FCDE 2001-12-30  Gergely Nagy <algernon@bonehunter.rulez.org>
sub  1024g/85DE63E8 2000-07-17
sig!       DB898410 2000-07-17  Erik Wenzel <erik@todo.de>

Philosophy & Procedures

Erik understands Debians philosophy and agrees with it. He answered
Martin Michlmayrs questions about the DFSG, the Social Contract, NMUs,
the Bug Tracking System and various other things to both Martins and
my satisfaction.

Tasks & Skills

Erik initially packaged libnet-whois-raw-perl, which (after he
corrected the errors Martin noticed) was uploaded to Debian. He also
maintains agsatellite (an installer package for Audio Galaxy). His
third package (done without the use of debhelper, to my pleasure) is
waiting in incoming.

He showed understanding of packaging issues, and dealt with debconf
nicely too.


I recommend Erik be accepted as a Debian Maintainer.

Debian login: erik
Forwarding email: erik@todo.de

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