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AM report for Andrew Lau

Report for new developer applicant: Andrew Lau 

Summary: I recommend the acceptance of Andrew as a Debian Maintainer

2. Identification
Andrew's GPG key is signed by Craig Sanders <cas@debian.org>.

3. Philosophy and Procedures

Andrew demonstrated a clear understanding of the Social Contract and
the Debian Free Software Guidelines. 

He has read the main procedural information such as policy and the
packaging manual, and appears to have a good understanding of them.

4. Tasks and Skills

Andrew has packaged gsmssend, a GNOME/GTK user interface for SmsSend,
python2.1-expect, a Python module to provide the functionality of Tcl's
expect and python2.1-twofish, a Twofish cryptographic module for Python.
I checked all these packages and they're packaged in a very good way.
He has shown that he is competent by correctly packaging this package
and he's familiar with BTS.

Best Regards,
Davide Puricelli, dpuricelli@tin.it
Debian Developer: evo@debian.org | http://www.debian.org
Undergraduate Student of Computer Science at University of Bologna
PGP key:  finger evo@debian.org

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