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Problems with my Application Manager.

	Hello. My name is David Martínez, and I'm currently an applicant for the 
Debian Project.

	I write to you because my AM, Moshe Zadka, seems to have problems with my 
application. I'm an applicant since 2001-08-08, with Javier 
Fernández-Sanguino Peña <jfs@debian.org> as my Advocate. Moshe Zadka 
<moshez@debian.org> was assigned to me on 2001-08-11. You can check all this 
data under the status page for ender@rediris.es (my address).

	On Aug 11th Moshe sent me the first mail for the application (life, 
interest, ID check, etc.). I managed then to get my GPG key signed by one 
Debian developer, and on Aug 21st I contacted Moshe in irc.d.o. We was 
talking a little, and the speech concluded with me sending more information 
to him later by email.

	Since then, I had no contact with him. I sent him mail on Sep 18th, and he 
replied on Sep 24th with "I've been feeling a bit sick lately. I will 
continue with you soon."

	Since then, again no contact until my last mail on Oct 10th saying that I'll 
write to NM Front Desk with a problem. He said that this past weekend he will 
send me the next step in my NM process. He didn't send.

	I perfectly know that this is a completely volunteer work. I really know. 
I'm working with Debian like any other volunteer since last November, first 
translating the website, later with bugs and packaging software. I currently 
a coordinator for the website translation to spanish, maintain 3 packages, 
and I have another three in my home box almost ready for uploading to the 
archive. I don't want to use sponsorship much more, because it's very 
annoying to upgrade several packages in that way.

	So I respectfully ask you to change my AM or free my "AM assigned" field for 
another AM being asigned to me.

	I'm not angry with anybody, please understand that. Only I'm impatient with 
my application. It's lagging my work.

	If you need further information, please ask for it.


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