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New Maintainer mailing lists have been merged

debian-newmaint-admin and debian-newmaint-discuss have now been merged
to one list, debian-newmaint.  For the reason, please see

I merged the subscriber list of -admin and -discuss together for
-newmaint.  In order words: you are already subscribed to the new
list.  There is no action required on your side.  If you want to
unsubscribe in the future, please send 'unsubscribe' to
debian-newmaint-request@lists.debian.org  (If you get two copies of
this mail, you are subscribed twice; please contact me privately and
I will check the subscriber list.)

In the future, please use this list (debian-newmaint@lists.debian.org)
for AM reports.

Note: the old lists still exist but should not be used.
Thanks to Joey for creating the new list so quickly.

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