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AM report for James Moss

Report for James Moss


pub  1024D/E6DF5940 2001-05-15 James Moss <moss@brutesquad.org>
sig!       E6DF5940 2001-05-19  James Moss <moss@brutesquad.org>
uid                            James Moss <moss@themes.org>
sig!       D21DF495 2001-05-16  Brian Ristuccia <brianr@osiris.ml.org>
sig!       11404EC3 2001-05-16  Noah Meyerhans <noahm@lcs.mit.edu>

Philosophy and Procedures

James had good and to the point answers to my questions.

Tasks and Skills

James packaged pimpeg, a simple mpeg player.  The package is
relatively simple, but good.


I am happy to accept James' application.


Um den Elefanten durch den Zoll zu schmuggeln, hatte Rasmus ihn als
Schäferhund verkleidet.

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