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AM report for Matt Taggart

Summary for Matt Taggart <matt@lackof.org>


pub  1024D/EA291785 2000-01-31 Matt Taggart <matt@lackof.org>
sig!       EA291785 2000-07-24  Matt Taggart <matt@lackof.org>
sig!       F2CF01A8 2001-03-29  Bdale Garbee (N3EUA) <bdale@gag.com>
sig!       788A3F4C 2000-02-16  Joey Hess <joeyh@master.debian.org>
sig!       35261E21 2000-07-23  Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@debian.org>

Philosophy & Procedures

Matt understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it.  He answered all
my questions to great length and showed a very good understanding of our

Tasks & Skills

Matt is employed by HP and has been involved in the HPPA port for quite a
while.  He will soon get an IA64 machine and also participate in that port.
Furthermore, Matt is interested in packaging (he has an ITP on hoverball)
and QA.

Matthew Wilcox (willy), another HP porter, writes:
 > Matt has been an active and valuable participant in the port of Debian
 > to the hppa architecture.  He has worked with the packagers and
 > packaging systems of many important programs, including gcc, glibc and
 > binutils.  He understands the importance of Free Software and always
 > attempts to do the right thing.


I recommend that Matt be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

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