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AM report for Roberto Moreda

AM report on Roberto Moreda


I recommend that Roberto becomes a Debian developer.

Applicant info:

Name:	         Roberto Moreda
Current email:   moreda@alfa21.com
Preferred email: moreda@debian.org

Roberto wrote me:

   I think of Debian as a very good OS. I work with Debian from...
   hummm... 4 or 5 years ago (abandoning first Slackware and RedHat :)).
   I think also that to revert some of my private work in to the Debian
   distribution will be a good thing for the community that gave me this
   tool. Simply. If some of my work can be used for anyone over there
   I'll get proud of it. Till a few weeks I usually asked my Debian
   co-workers to package for me some software... now I can do it for
   myself, then why not share it with the community? :-)

   I'm the CEO of a little (by the moment :-)) company called Alfa21 in
   Spain (A Coruña) (northwest of Spain: Galicia). We work in the IT
   area with Debian GNU/Lunux as main tool. We are a group of young
   people with a very interesting mix of capabilities (some experts in
   big-iron, some in software developpment with functional languages
   like Erlang, some in Debian et al...).

   Our activity range from the pure consultancy work to the deployment
   and management of a network infraestructure (up from level 3). We
   don't like very much to work with desktop user... is this that I
   discuss usually this matter with a good friend that works for
   Mandrakesoft, Juan Quintela, (2.4 VM Kernel hacker too)... but I know
   he really suffers now the rpm-environment ;-)


Roberto provided me with the following gpg key:

pub  1024D/C8999D7A 2000-08-27 Roberto Moreda <moreda@alfa21.com>
sig!       C8999D7A 2000-08-27  Roberto Moreda <moreda@alfa21.com>
sig!       AA4241B2 2001-05-24  Roberto Suarez Soto <ask4it@gpul.org>
sub  4096g/06B16C75 2000-08-27
sig!       C8999D7A 2000-08-27  Roberto Moreda <moreda@alfa21.com>

It is signed by Roberto Suarez Soto <turgon@debian.org>, whose key is in
the Debian keyring. 

Identification check passed.

Policy and procedures:
Roberto explictly agrees to follow the Social Contract and the DFSG in
his Debian-related work. He also agrees to follow the DMUP.
I asked him some questions about the DSFG and general policy issues. I
also asked him some questions about certain procedures (NMU, bugs, the
wnpp, etc). He answered all questions to my satisfaction.

Policy and procedures check passed.

Tasks and Skills:
Roberto has already made some packages for his own personal use:
 - libhtml-mason-perl. From the control file: 
      Mason allows web pages and sites to be constructed from shared,
      reusable building blocks called components. Components contain a
      mix of Perl and HTML, and can call each other and pass values back
      and forth like subroutines. Components increase modularity and
      eliminate repetitive work: common design elements (headers,
      footers, menus, logos) can be extracted into their own components
      where they need be changed only once to affect the whole site.
 - libparams-validate-perl. From the control file:
      The Params::Validate module provides a flexible system for
      validation method/function call parameters.  The validation can be
      as simple as checking for the presence of required parameters or
      as complex as validating object classes (via isa) or capabilities
      (via can), checking parameter types, and using customized
      callbacks to ensure data integrity.
 - pop3proxy. From the control file:
      POP3 application level gateway (RFC 1939).  Supports server
      selection, proxy authentication, client logging for SMTP access,
      and external access comtrol programs 
All three packages are well-packages and lintian clean.

Tasks and skills check passed.

Kind regards,
| Bas Zoetekouw                  | Si l'on sait exactement ce   |
|--------------------------------| que l'on va faire, a quoi    |
| zoetekw@phys.uu.nl             | bon le faire?                |
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