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AM report for Gerhard Tonn

AM report for Gerhard Tonn


His key is signed by Daniel Kobras:

pub  1024D/32D75812 2001-04-13 Gerhard Tonn <GerhardTonn@swol.de>
sig!       89BF7E2B 2001-04-27  Daniel Kobras <kobras@linux.de>
sig!       32D75812 2001-04-13  Gerhard Tonn <GerhardTonn@swol.de>

Philosophy and Procedures

He gave concise but correct answers to my questions.

Tasks and Skills

Gerhard will be setting up an S/390 port for debian.  He works for IBM
in the S/390 team, and together with Richard Higson he already ported
hundreds of packages to this new platform.

I am sure that Gerhard will be a valuable addition to the Debian


Kurz bevor das Space-Shuttle in die Erdumlaufbahn eintritt, wird es
von einer Horde Grizzlybären angegriffen.

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