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AM report for Miroslaw Baral

AM report for Miroslaw Baral

Report for new developer applicant:

Name: Miroslaw Baral
Current email: baran@knm.org.pl
Preferred debian account name: baran, forwarded to baran@knm.org.pl


Miroslaw provided me with a GPG key signed by Pawel Wiecek

pub  1024D/FC494FC4 2000-12-06 Miros/law Baran (Jubal) <baran@knm.org.pl>
sig!       FC494FC4 2000-12-06  Miros/law Baran (Jubal) <baran@knm.org.pl>
sig!       EFC18770 2000-12-06  Pawel Wiecek <coven@vmh.net>
sig?       3F024571 2000-12-06  

Philosophy and Procedures

He gave excellent and accurate answers to all of my questions
regarding Debian.

Tasks and Skills

Miroslaw has already been doing Debian packages before he applied, I
had a look at two of them (cookietool and ttmkfdir).  The first time I
looked at them, I had a few minor remarks, but he fixed that swiftly.

I am glad to recommend Miroslaw as a Debian maintainer.


"You mean since you suggested he take the toaster into the shower 
with him to save time on making breakfast in the morning?"
	-- BOFH 5/11/97

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