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Unidentified subject!

nick@grawk.net, bburns@carolina.rr.com, a.negm@t-online.de,
bao@hacom.net, redaelli@edisons.it, jeisen@mindspring.com
Subject: unavailable (extremely probable) for roughly a 12 day period.

There's a good chance that I won't be available for much anything
in the next 12 days or so, there is a possibility that I might have
internet connectivity and/or my linux box, this remains to be seen.

I know I already said as much on -private, but I'm bcc'ing this
to my  NM's as well.

I apologize for the delay in your application
this may cause, and I understand if you wish to seek a
new/additional AM for yourself, although I do not know
if there are any AM's available at the moment.

Virtually all of you still have not completed T&S portion
(Tasks and Skills), so I urge you to use this time to 
refine your skills.

Remember the packaging manual has been merged into policy
so this is now the place to look.
The Developers Reference and New Maintainers Guide,
-mentors mailing list, and existing packages are all
good places to look/ask for help, etc.

If you look at an example package, try to understand
how things work, and remember that it may also have bugs.

 - brian

Brian Russo      <brusso@phys.hawaii.edu>
Debian/GNU Linux <wolfie@debian.org> http://www.debian.org
LPSG "member"    <wolfie@lpsg.org>   http://www.lpsg.org

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