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First impressions of new advocate applicants

G'day NMs,
  I've now processed two applicants that are under the new advocate
system and I thought I'd share with you my impressions of this new way.
Of course this is only on two applicants so there is obviously a large
sample error.

Looking at the statistics, it usually takes me about a month and a half
or so to process an applicant.  I've had some quicker ones as well but
it generally takes a month.  Both of the advocated applicants took
roughly a week and most of that delay was from me (or being somewhere
where there isn't a computer).

Both the applicants had a much better idea of what I was after.  Even
though they didn't quite get some thnigs right (most applicants don't
or I ask for clarification) their first go was usually better.

This is not to say that all previously non-advocated applicants are bad,
I've had some amazing ones who got through in a few days before, and
others who have taken longer who are contributing usefully to the
project now but it does seem the advocate part is working.

  - Craig
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