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AM report for Michael Janssen


His key is signed by a current developer.
pub  1024D/C00E9159 2001-01-22 Michael Janssen (Jamuraa) <janssen@cns.uni.edu>
sig        C00E9159 2001-01-22  Michael Janssen (Jamuraa) <janssen@cns.uni.edu>
sig        8F23DC91 2001-02-04  Joe Reinhardt <joe-reinhardt@uiowa.edu>
uid                            Michael Janssen <jamuraa@base0.net>
sig        C00E9159 2001-02-11  Michael Janssen (Jamuraa) <janssen@cns.uni.edu>
sub  1024g/7248BF57 2001-01-22
sig        C00E9159 2001-01-22  Michael Janssen (Jamuraa) <janssen@cns.uni.edu>

ID passed.

Philosophy and Procedures
Michael answered my P&P questions correctly. He understands licensing
issues and agrees with DMUP and DFSG.

P&P passed.

Tasks and Skills
Michael has two packages, xtet42 and vgrabbj. The first one he adopted
from Joey Hess, and the second one he packaged from scratch. Both were
well packaged and lintian clean.

T&S passed.

I recommend that Michael is accepted as a Debian maintainer.

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