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AM report for Pavel Tcholakov

Summary for Pavel Tcholakov <pavel@linux.zonebg.com>


pub  1024D/A787E950 2000-12-19 Pavel Tcholakov <pavel@linux.zonebg.com>
sig!       228A3AE4 2001-01-17  John Leuner <jewel@pixie.co.za>

Philosophy & Procedures

Pavel understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it.

Tasks & Skills

Pavel has adopted hylafax and has improved the package considerably.

 > From: Anton Zinoviev <anton@lmlserver.bas.bg>

 > Yes, I can confirm, that Pavel Cholakov has made deb-packages based on
 > the package bglinux.  There was an article in one popular Bulgarian
 > computer magazine about his packages.

 > Recently Pavel Cholakove wrote an article for Debian (in Bulgarian).
 > Here he showed good knowledge of how the Debian project works.  I hope
 > he will be good Debian developer.

 > From: John Leuner <jewel@pixie.co.za>

 > I met Pavel a few days ago. He definitely understands Debian (has been
 > using it for a long time), he seems to be committed to open source (both
 > creating and using it). He told me that he is involved in the Bulgarian
 > translation project for Gnome.


I recommend that Pavel be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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