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AM Report for Week Ending 25 Feb 2001

          Weekly Report on Debian New Maintainers

For week ending 25 Feb 2001.

Weekly Summary Statistics
4 more people applied to become a new maintainer
8 applicants became maintainers.

New Maintainers
The following applicants became new maintainers last week:
André Dahlqvist <anedah-9@sm.luth.se> 
Ingo Saitz <Ingo.Saitz@stud.uni-hannover.de> 
Daniel Glassey <danglassey@yahoo.com> 
Domenico Andreoli <cavok@libero.it> 
Stefan Hornburg <racke@linuxia.de> 
Shaul Karl <shaulka@bezeqint.net> 
Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net> 
Evan Prodromou <evan@prodromou.san-francisco.ca.us> 

Database inconsistency errors
AM has confirmed but no AM confirm date
AM confirm date filled in but AM confirm field blank
Manager assigned date before apply date
  redaelli@edisons.it: 2001-01-18 occurs after 2001-01-17 
  josh@josh.wcss.wroc.pl: 2001-01-18 occurs after 2001-01-17 
AM confirm date occurs before AM assignment date
  dydx@linux.per.sg: 2001-01-03 occurs after 2000-01-04 
  coldn@gamearena.net: 2001-01-08 occurs after 2000-01-08 
  blaaf@bigfoot.com: 2000-08-24 occurs after 0200-08-25 
  dparsons@emerall.com: 2000-09-01 occurs after 0200-09-05 
  mike@markley.org: 2000-05-18 occurs after 2000-05-01 
  crom@Phys.uu.nl: 2001-01-05 occurs after 2000-01-06 
  tinic@tinic.net: 2000-11-09 occurs after 2000-09-11 

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