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Rejecting the following applicants

I'm hereby rejecting the following applicants.  All of them have been
'on hold' for quite a while.  None of them have completed any stage of
the NM process yet.  It's hard to say anything which applies to all of
these applicants, but generally speaking I am not sure if they would
be responsible and responsive Debian developers.  I know that Debian
is a volunteer project, but even as a volunteer you have some
responsibility and responding to e-mail is one of them (And if we
don't make sure people will respond to their e-mail we just have the
problem that they make one upload and then disappear and the package
becomes cruft).

Some of the applicants have never responded to my initial e-mail, some
have reponded but there was no contact later on and in some cases, the
applicants are _currently_ too busy.  I hope the latter will apply
again when they have more time.

Anyway, this is no final rejection.  All of these applicants can apply
again if they wish.

So, I'm rejecting the following applicants on grounds of not being
able to pass any stage of the NM process within a reasonable time.

J. Grant Schofield <bingeldac@bakankin.com>
Was busy without telling me.  Has no signed GPG key although he lives
in Boston.

Manfred Morgner <manfred@morgner.com>
Needs more time to get prepared.  He should apply later, he probably
finds an advocate easily (baux).

juan viera <jviera@adinet.com.uy>
Short contact, then he didn't respond anymore.

Patricio Barletta <v8@elrancho.com>
was on vacation for 3 months without telling me.

Niklas Olmes <Niklas.Olmes@gmx.de>
No contact

Leonardo Dias <madleo@catho.com.br>
wanted to be put on hold for 3 weeks in November and no contact
since then.

Jason Hammons <hortongeek@gmx.net>
email is bouncing; I searched google and even his web site (at
another provider) doesn't work anymore.

Artur Guja <skybird@from.pl>
Short contact, then he didn't respond anymore.

Miguel Torroja <se03945@salleurl.edu>
Short contact, then he didn't respond anymore.

Alexandre Araujo <fireman@ieg.com.br>
No signd key although living in Brazil where many Developers are.
Package had lintian problems, asked to correct them and never got
a reply.

Rafael Sanches <ixonz@uol.com.br>
No contact

Dinesh Kumar <dks_deb@forindia.com>
No contact

Gustavo Franco <stratus@linuxbr.com.br>
no signed GPG key although many developers in Brazil.  Philosophy
answeres were too short, never got a reply when I asked for longer

Matthias Bayer <bfw-ite05@gmx.de>
No contact

Robin Putters <robin@redlineracing.nl>
Has no time until end of March.  He has done some work on the Hurd
so Marcus will hopefully be his advocate when he applies again.

Ricardo Sandrin <maidenz@linuxbr.com.br>
No contact

Iain Pople <iain@minihub.org>
No contact

Santiago Alonso <paul@saxa.georgetown.edu>
Responded recently to a ping, we had no contact before.  He has
just moved, is looking for new job, so it's best if he applied
when less busy.

Mike Akers <akersmc@clarkson.edu>
No contact

Larry Ayers <layers@marktwain.net>
No contact

Harry Henry Gebel <hgebel@magpage.com>
No contact

wei guangjing wgj <wgj@joyosoft.com>
busy, no information supplied

dave brookshire <dsb@rocketlogix.com>
company is moving, product being launched.  Will hopefully apply
again when less busy.

Douglas Eck <doug@idsia.ch>
No contact

Kamen Dimitrov <digital@unixtechlab.net>
No contact

Raphaël HALIMI <raphaelh@easynet.fr>
No contact

Sergey Sholokh <debian@guardlinux.kiev.ua>
No contact

Durdos Romain <kelbert@caramail.com>
No contact

Martin Michlmayr

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