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AM report for Rémi Perrot


2. Identification
Rémi provided me with the following key:
pub  1024D/4ED62BFE 1999-05-04 Remi Perrot <remi.perrot@mail.dotcom.fr>
sig        4ED62BFE 1999-05-04  Remi Perrot <remi.perrot@mail.dotcom.fr>
sig        578CB542 2001-02-02  Guillaume Morin <gemorin@attglobal.net>
sub  2048g/E42941F5 1999-05-04
sig        4ED62BFE 1999-05-04  Remi Perrot <remi.perrot@mail.dotcom.fr>

3. Philosophy and Procedures
Rémi answered my questions satisfactorily, which included Social Contract,
licensing, BTS, NMU's, lintian, etc.
Explicitly agrees to abide to the DMUP and Social Contract.

P&P passed.

4. Tasks and Skills
Rémi packaged glade-perl and unac.
Both were generally well packaged. The small issues that I noticed were
quickly and efficiently fixed by Rémi.
He has enough skills to make Debian packages, so Tasks & Skills passed.

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