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AM Report for Domenico Andreoli

I've completed Domenico's application.

2. Identification
Domenico lives in Italy but he doesn't have a current maintainer near him.
He provided me with a scanned passport signed by his GPG key.

3. Philosophy and Procedures
Domenico answered satisfactorily questions about the DFSG, Social Contract,
free/non-free licenses...
He knew about NMU's, the three methods to close bugs, lintian, etc.
He explicitly agrees to follow the DMUP, Social Contract and DFSG.

4. Tasks and Procedures
Domenico is packaging curl and icmpush.
Icmpush is a simple program and was packaged cleanly, except for the
inclusion of installing instructions in the package which he noted to fix.
Curl is a bit more complex, as it's divided in two source packages: curl and
curl-ssl so there are packages with and without crypto enabled.
The packages have a libtool warning which Domenico has tried to solve,
asking help on -mentors and -devel. At the moment that is unsolved but
should not be an impediment for his approval. The rest of the package was
well done.

I recommend that Domenico is accepted into Debian.

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